Family Law

Alaska family law deals with the creation and dissolution of relationships between family members, and disputes related to changes in family relationships, such as divorce. Colbert Family Law, LLC offers a variety of services and dispute resolution options to clients with family law concerns.


Divorce is a stressful event, combining as it does emotional, legal, and financial issues. Whether it is you or your spouse seeking a divorce, Colbert Family Law, LLC can reduce your stress, offer practical, understandable guidance, and help you to make the be… Read More

Child Custody

The issue of child custody is usually of great concern to parents who are divorcing, or unmarried parents who are dissolving their household. The question of custody is actually two separate considerations: legal custody, or who makes major life decisions for… Read More

Child Support

If you are divorcing and have children, or have never married your child’s other parent and are dissolving your household, child support is on your mind. At Colbert Family Law, LLC, we represent both mothers and fathers in child support matters, helping to m… Read More

Family Mediation

Every family is different, and no one knows your family like you. That’s why it makes sense for you and your spouse or ex to make the decisions about your family’s future, instead of having a judge do it. That may seem like an impossible dream, but with me… Read More

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time for any family. If you would prefer a divorce that lets you and your spouse respectfully unwind your marriage while reducing the stress on your family, collaborative family law may be the right choice for your Alaska family law ma… Read More

Enforcement & Modification of Orders

In life, change is inevitable. If changes in your circumstances have made your existing parenting plan or child support order unworkable, it’s time to consider a modification. A motion to modify an existing custody, visitation or support order may be filed a… Read More

Domestic Violence

Colbert Family Law, LLC concentrates its practice primarily in the area of family law. Unfortunately, many family law cases are complicated by domestic violence considerations. We often deal with issues of domestic violence, either as part of a larger family l… Read More