Family Mediation

Every family is different, and no one knows your family like you. That’s why it makes sense for you and your spouse or ex to make the decisions about your family’s future, instead of having a judge do it.

That may seem like an impossible dream, but with mediation, it can be your reality. At Colbert Family Law, LLC, we offer family mediation services to help families resolve their own disputes and plan for their futures.

What Mediation Is

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps parties to identify the issues they need to resolve, and to negotiate with one another to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. The focus is on facilitating communication between the parties. Mediation has been gaining favor over the last several years as a less stressful alternative to litigation for resolving family law disputes. In many cases, it is also less expensive than litigation.

What Mediation Is Not

Mediation is not a hearing in which the mediator renders a decision, or even an opinion. The mediator is not an arbitrator or judge. Neither does the mediator represent either party in the dispute. And although the mediator may use techniques drawn from family therapy theory in facilitating the negotiation, mediation is not therapy.

When is Mediation Appropriate?

Mediation is appropriate for almost all types of family law issues or disputes: divorce, property settlement, child custody and visitation, dissolution of unmarried households (including same-sex partners), and more. In situations where the parties will need to deal with each other on an ongoing basis, such as co-parenting, mediation can be especially helpful as it lays the groundwork for future respectful communication and problem-solving.

When is Mediation Not Appropriate?

As helpful as mediation can be, it is not appropriate in all circumstances. Mediation is likely inappropriate if there has been domestic violence or a significant power imbalance between you and the other party. Mediation also may not be the best choice if you feel the other person is intentionally trying to hurt you, or if you don’t trust them (or yourself) to be honest. The mediator will help you and the other party decide if mediation is a good choice for your situation.

Colbert Family Law, LLC has years of experience assisting families in identifying issues and options for resolution through mediation, and in guiding them toward the creation of an agreement that meets their needs.

Colbert Family Law, LLC serves clients throughout Alaska, from Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley to remote villages. If you have a family dispute to resolve, contact Colbert Family Law, LLC online or at (907) 279-5001 to schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits of mediating your family law matter.