I have heard that there is something new called a Parenting Coordinator. Is that something that would help me with my custody problems?

There is something new called a Parenting Coordinator.  If you have a court order that establishes a custody or parenting plan, but you have had serious, continuing problems making joint decisions with the other parent, or coordinating visits, or if you have gone to court multiple times trying to fix your custody situation, this might be the solution for you.  A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is appointed by the court to make decision for parents when they are unable to do so.  The person is like a referee.  The PC’s decisions must be followed unless and until one of the parents gets the court to overrule to the decision.  The PC may either be free through the Court System, if the parties qualify financially, or paid privately.  A PC is a very efficient and effective method of resolving constant conflict between parents.  The PC may also be able to help the parents learn better skills at communicating and coming to joint decisions.